DPD eDirect

eDirect is the unique alternative to registered mail solution provided by postal operators. For each country, we work with the local B2C delivery specialist with clear focus on light weight items (below 2kg).

Key benefits are:
Commercial clearance
All Clearance process are data driven to ensure a faster and better controlled operations.

B2C specialists
We work with the local hero specialised in B2C deliveries in each destination countries.

Simplified pricing
The price structure is very simple with a price per item and price per kg (no surcharge) based on our traffic profile.

Key destinations
Include key countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. New countries, such as Ukraine are planned too.

DAP (formerly DDU) is the incoterm in place for the service.

Collection platform
All duties and taxes are collected with our online Collection platform in local language.

DPD eParcel

DPD is helping you to grow your business in Europe with access to our road delivery network in 26 countries
Our team of Experts will guide you to find the best solution to suit your requirements.

Key benefits are:
Fast access to EU
With our multiple import gateways across Europe, you can get closer to European consumers with improved transit times

Customs Clearance
In all of our import gateways (CDG/LHR/FRA/AMS) we have built a strong expertise in both B2C and B2B Customs Clearance

Paperless Clearance
We pre-clear all parcels based on data manifested to ensure seamless process and faster transit times on arrival in Europe

Interactive delivery via PREDICT
by injecting your parcels into the DPD, you then access the best in class Pan-European road delivery network… We are the only carrier to provide Interactive delivery with one-hour time window

Flexible delivery options
if not at home, your customer can choose from a multiple range of delivery services such as Pickup points (more than 28,000 across Europe), safe delivery or delivery to a neighbour

Incoterms (DAP or DDP)
We have the flexibility to provide you with DAP (also called DDU) or DDP delivery depending on your requirements

Duties&Taxes collection
We can collect all Duties & Taxes directly online in all local languages

We provide you with full tracking and simplified IT integration process

We can also provide you with breakbulk service where we clear all consolidation to the Importer of Record